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How to choose a theme for your eCommerce store (part 1)

When you’re setting up your eCommerce store, choosing a theme or skin for it can seem daunting. There are so many to choose from with so many different styles. Should you have a custom one made? Maybe buy a third-party one? Do the standard ones just seem too plain?

Where do you even begin to try to narrow down the options? To help you do a more targeted search, we’ve selected a few key points and features to focus on when making your selection. More…

The question to ask before you start

There are good, bad and mediocre reasons for starting an eCommerce store for automotive, motorsports or performance parts. Before you even start thinking which of these customer segments you want to go after – or more generally if you’re considering setting up and eCommerce store in some other industry – it’s good to clarify why you might want to go down this road, pun intended.

Writing a business plan is overkill, but before thinking of store names, buying a domain name, researching different eCommerce platforms, looking for suppliers, etc., you should think about why this is a good opportunity for you or your company. Starting an eCommerce store isn’t just a matter of being a “car guy” or “being good with computers”. Both of those help a lot, but we suggest starting your journey with a much more simple question. More…


Hello! We’re excited to announce the launch of our new blog here at Torqued Distribution. Thank you for stopping by.

You’re probably wondering what we plan to talk about here. It would seem logical for us to be promoting all the cool parts we distribute – and maybe that will happen from time to time – but that’s not going to be the focus area. Instead we’re going to talk about how to start and run a successful motorsports or performance aftermarket eCommerce business. It’s about wrenching – wrenching a site together so you can make money by selling parts for your customers to wrench on their cars.

eCommerce sites can seem so simple to start. That’s the generally true promise of Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce and lots of other eCommerce platforms. Yet at the same time they can still seem daunting and complex to set up and manage. We’re therefore going to use the experience of the staff at Torqued Distribution to explain some of the key aspects of starting, developing and running a site to be an online dealer of motorsports and performance aftermarket parts. We’ll cover the basics of how to get started and cover lots of important areas like SKU management, customer acquisition, sales and support, marketing strategies, promotions and much more.

While our PRI and SEMA directory listings shoehorn us into the Warehouse Distributor category, our approach is much broader than that. At Torqued Distribution, we’re focused on providing tools to online sellers large and small to efficiently source products, have accurate product data, real-time stock updates and drop ship order processing. We call this Warehouse as a Service (WaaS), which in our view is the key piece to running a modern eCommerce store that’s cheaper to run and sells more products than your competitors.

So join us in this journey and come back soon for the first “real” post.

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