Day: October 4, 2021

The question to ask before you start

There are good, bad and mediocre reasons for starting an eCommerce store for automotive, motorsports or performance parts. Before you even start thinking which of these customer segments you want to go after – or more generally if you’re considering setting up and eCommerce store in some other industry – it’s good to clarify why you might want to go down this road, pun intended.

Writing a business plan is overkill, but before thinking of store names, buying a domain name, researching different eCommerce platforms, looking for suppliers, etc., you should think about why this is a good opportunity for you or your company. Starting an eCommerce store isn’t just a matter of being a “car guy” or “being good with computers”. Both of those help a lot, but we suggest starting your journey with a much more simple question. More…

Torqued Distribution

The most technologically advanced aftermarket warehouse distributor featuring eCommerce automation, Warehouse as a Service (WaaS) and No Cost 3PL services.


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