For Dealers

At Torqued Distribution, we believe in providing value and services for our dealers far beyond what a traditional warehouse distributor does. We call this Warehouse as a Service (WaaS). Not only do we carry unique brands that are exclusive to Torqued Distribution, but we also give our dealers lots of free extra services and features. Use as much or as little as you want – we only charge you for the products you order.

Access to exclusive imported brands

Sell premium brands others don’t carry yet. See our product lines here.

Fast order fulfillment

Same day shipping until 6 pm Eastern / 3 pm Pacific time, including express overnight and international services

Low cost shipping

Under $10 2-day service available to most of the country. Excellent Express, Canada and international rates.

Easy to use product data

Make listing products a snap via clean CSV files or using our tools to directly upload products to your eCommerce system

Best dealer discounts

We want to help you sell as much as possible so we give you the deepest possible discounts across our brands

Accurate live stock

Driven by sophisticated proprietary warehouse technology, we obsess that our warehouse stock is always 100% accurate

Modern technology

Built in Silicon Valley and nimble to adjust to your needs, we can even keep your store’s stock in sync for you automatically

Best customer service

Phone, email, chat or text, whatever works best for you

Think of Torqued Distribution as your outsourced warehouse with full inventory management and order fulfillment for your store. That’s eCommerce Automation through our Warehouse as a Service platform.

Key Features and Functionality

Warehouse as a Service (WaaS)

Torqued Distribution is not just another drop shipping supplier. Warehouse as a Service is a far more comprehensive offering and more than any other supplier, it lets dealers focus on selling products. Let Torqued Distribution handle the rest.

Starting with product data, we can connect to your eCommerce store and directly upload products with well-written descriptions, product images, weights, dimensions and everything you need to fill up your store. You can of course edit and enhance these for your audience, but we provide you an excellent base that we know attracts customers to your store.

Next, we keep the available inventory on your store in sync with what’s actually in our warehouse so you’ll never sell an item you can’t fulfill. Not only is the customer experience of selling parts that aren’t actually available bad and will turn customers away, you also really want to avoid that negative customer review of your business.

And when a sale is made, we automatically grab that order from your store, pick it, pack it, ship it and send tracking back to your store.

In short, with the Torqued Warehouse as a Service, our dealers don’t need to do anything other than sell products.

Fulfillment, solved.

Fulfillment Web Service (FWS) API

For many dealers, our out of the box eCommerce Automation solutions work well, but we also work with specialized customers who may have their own ERP systems or are building a unique retail experience which requires ultimate flexibility in how to interact with their suppliers.

To meet this need, FWS is Torqued Distribution’s industry-first RESTful Application Program Interface (API) for dealers. Any approved dealer can link their ERP or other IT infrastructure to FWS. This provides direct access to Torqued Distribution’s warehouses. Functionality includes sourcing product data, checking inventory levels, placing orders, checking order status and retrieving tracking information.

See the full list of available endpoints in the FWS documentation.