eCommerce Automation

The Torqued Real-time Cloud stands as the most modern and scalable sales and distribution platform in the automotive aftermarket. It was designed and built in Silicon Valley by technology industry veterans behind other notable brands including Poshmark, Open Door, and Postmates, which was later sold to Uber. There’s a reason why they say “Torqued is a tech company first with a performance parts habit second.”

Key benefits of the Torqued Real-time Cloud include:

  • Inventory is always accurate and in real-time from our warehouse to the dealer’s system to the end user. No more watching consumers get all the way through the shopping cart only to discover the product is not in stock.
  • Our WaaS™️ service gives dealers a simple eCommerce store management system with a direct plugin for Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce and X-Cart. This allows for single-click product uploads and automatic order processing.
  • Omnichannel eCommerce wholesale platform allowing for a B2C model, a B2B wholesale model, and an Amazon store, all with easy API connections for ERP integrations.
  • Seamless single interface for dealers for inventory, product and order management across first and third party warehouses.
  • All orders flow through the same processing and pick & pack / shipping pipeline.
  • 100% custom in-house designed system with no reliance on external systems provides fast responses, accurate data and high availability, as well as quick turnaround on new feature requests
  • Accurate shipping engine: all orders quote a metered and guaranteed shipping cost at checkout using the box pack algorithm and fully weighted and measured products, including international shipments.

The Torqued Real-time Cloud eliminates unnecessary IT costs allowing the dealer to focus on their core business. They system’s robust reporting and performance metrics give executives real-time data for faster decision making. No other solution offers this much performance, scalability, and reliability in one easy to use package.

Torqued Distribution

The most technologically advanced aftermarket warehouse distributor featuring eCommerce automation, Warehouse as a Service (WaaS) and No Cost 3PL services.

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