What is WaaS™?

“You’re way more of a tech company than a traditional WD.”

John Coldwater Performance


The first 100% virtual warehouse. 1-click uploads to Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce.


Up to date REAL TIME inventory reporting. No more watching customers tap out of their shopping carts!


Torqued Distribution’s award-winning WaaS™️ system is FREE to all Authorized Torqued Dealers. Join us today!

Only at Torqued Distribution

WaaS™️ stands for “Warehouse as a Service” and it’s the industry’s first, truly 100% virtual warehouse. It’s used by the smallest mom and pop retailers right up to larger warehouse distributors and dealers. In addition to accurate product data, real-time live inventory, and fast shipping, WaaS has added management and metrics tools to allow you to manage your business from the beach, the race track, or right there in your office.

Connect directly to your store

Simple API connections to your Shopify, WooCommerce, or BigCommerce store allowing you to upload products with 1-click. No more cutting and pasting from manufacturer’s websites or clumsy product load sheets.

Real-time stock updates

Fully accurate stock levels delivered in real-time. No more watching customers go through the shopping cart process only to discover the product they are ordering is not in stock.

Automatic order processing

Seamless automatic processing of orders from your store with tracking upload upon shipment. Your store is now on autopilot.

Always accurate pricing

Immediate price updates from manufacturers. No more challenges trying to manage MAP programs or worrying about effective price sheet dates, etc.

And the cost? It’s FREE to all authorized dealers.

So, how does it work?

(1) Easy one-time setup by us to create the dealer store connection and establish your account with the Torqued Distribution Dealer Console

(2) Once logged in to your Dealer Console page, you’ll select which products, brands, or collections you’d like to upload to your store.

(3) You’re now able to make any edits to the product name, category, description, etc. From here on, Torqued Distribution only touches inventory and pricing updates.

(4) The order is placed on your store. Your store runs all the routine order verification, fraud checks, etc. and then assigns the order to Torqued Distribution.

(5) Torqued Distribution picks, packs, and ships the order to you or your customer and sends the real-time tracking information back to your store, triggering the normal “order complete” process.

Find out why more and more dealers are establishing an account with Torqued Distribution in addition to accounts they have with the larger WDs. Access to premium and exclusive import brands, award-winning micro-warehousing solutions, and performance metrics to help you make better and faster decisions around your business. No minimum buy-in requirements, easy account set up, and a new way to grow your business in a challenging environment. Join us today!

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The most technologically advanced motorsports warehouse distributor featuring eCommerce automation and Warehouse as a Service (WaaS™️).

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